Safety is a way of life at Correct Mechanical Inc. The program is mandated by the president and is administered from the top down through superintendents, general foremen, foremen, journeymen and apprentices. The president’s letter to all employees states, “The safety of everyone on our construction projects is of prime importance to Correct Mechanical Inc. The prevention of accidents, by means of safety procedures, will benefit all by avoiding needless personal injury and suffering, and by reducing property damage and loss of time.” The company’s written Safety and Health Manual stresses four basic essentials for a successful program:

  1. Management Leadership
  2. Safe Working Conditions
  3. Safe Working Practices
  4. Employee Participation and Cooperation

The effectiveness of this program depends on the active participation, wholehearted support, and cooperation of supervisors and employees; and the coordination of supervisor and employee efforts. All work is planned to assure a safe working atmosphere and eliminate possible safety problems. Any unsafe working condition or practice is remedied immediately upon detection. Safety awareness is the necessary ingredient for a successful safety program. Employees are encouraged to participate in all safety matters and make suggestions that may be beneficial to themselves and the project in general.

The company Safety & Loss Prevention Manual contains all the information required to meet the requirements of our projects, OSHA, federal, state and local safety and health laws as they pertain to the construction industry. The program is maintained and updated, as required, by the company Safety Manager. He is constantly receiving various safety information from other sources (e.g. our insurance carrier, National Safety Council, OSHA and safety periodicals). Customer safety requirements and site-specific needs have been incorporated into the program. The manual is written in a manner that makes it very understandable and user-friendly. Revised or added sections are printed on colored paper to facilitate easy recognition of up-to-date current manuals.

Experience Modification Rate for the Last Three Years

Indiana 2017 – .63   |   2018 – .60  |   2019 – .58

Illinois 2017 – .50   |   2018 – .47   |   2019 – .45

Our two greatest assets are our employees and our integrity. Correct Mechanical Inc. employees are experienced, well-educated professionals. Our competitive advantage stems from the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that permeates our company. The care and concern that we have for our employees and subcontractors greatly enhance our ability to deliver quality projects on time and within budget.

Self Performing Disciplines

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